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Hello my name is Scott, and thanks for visiting my site Ztips.

This is a site that I hope will help betting novices and professionals to make money from Football. My predictions are mainly on Goals on European and World Football and there is some free content on site also. I have been betting for 30 years and have gained a very good knowledge of Football and its easily my favorite sport to watch and do watch a lot of it. I have been profitable for many years, but when i was younger I was quite inconsistent but as you get older you get more experienced which helps alot. And for me to be good at predicting Football matches you need to watch plenty of games and experience is massive in this industry. Experience as a tipster is something only time will bring and is so important when you go through the inevitable tough patch that you have discipline and know what to do , sometimes its change barely anything and / or reduce stakes and others its re analyzing all results and identifying ares where maybe you quit certain leagues and markets etc. So many tipsters struggle with this and will not be able to deal with it and its why so many new tipsters quit unfortunately. If you can go through a really tough patch and come out the otherside and continue that is when you really learn about yourself as a tipster. That for me is when you learn the most about a tipster when they go through that for the first time. I have helped many tipsters over the years deal with a tough patch and thankfully almost all have stuck with it after which gives me alot of satisfaction as I love helping people and for me us tipsters are 1 big family all trying to achieve the same things.

The Football tips i love are Goals betting especially Over 2.5 goals and both teams to score and I believe in getting value based on its chances compared to the price offered. The selections provided for the site are all from my criteria I have built up over 10 years where I have 30+ checks per game that it has to pass to become a selection . The idea behind this was I could remove emotion from my tipping and if all criteria is hit it becomes a site selection and so far it has worked well especially from April 2017 when i added a new part to my criteria and its been really positive for my results ever since.

I also do very well on the A League and many members have said they think I am the best in that league, I have followed it for over 5 seasons and selections are very very popular on site / twitter also. Also the season before last last i added cards betting for the Spanish league and they were very well received and popular. On Twitter my username is Z_tips and have built a decent following and currently have close to 29,000 Followers. Each day on twitter I post a FREE ‘1 a day’ selection which has a very high strike rate and is very popular and for me this is a way of show casing my skills and hopefully encourages people to join the main service.

I have made profit for many seasons on my Football tips and hopefully that continues, I never take anything for granted and am always looking at ways to improve and many have said you wont find many more hard working tipsters than me and put in roughly 40 – 50 hours a week studying football around the globe. Also am told i am almost to honest but I want to be as transparent as I can as trust and my reputation mean alot to me.

To get even more of idea about me and how I got here, please take a look at this interview here on the excellent Tipsterminds site, where they interview those tipsters that have such a strong following.

We also have a Reviews page and Sign up offers page highlighting the Sites i recommend and any offers available. Also please give the Testimonials page a look there are some great reviews of Ztips on there from many happy subscribers and no money changed hands lol !!

PLEASE remember that there is no such a thing as a Cert and Only back with money you can afford to lose, and you need to be 18+ to have a bet in the UK. I care greatly about yours and my bank as you will find out in the coming months and years.

If you wish to Contact me about anything relating to the site or myself and twitter then please email me on the below , if there is a way to add to my income then i am always keen to listen :-

Thanks for visiting Ztips and good luck

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