Ultimate Betting Package worth £380 FREE when join Secret Betting Club


In a crazy offer – Secret Betting Club are now giving away our Ultimate Betting Package (Worth £380!) totally for free to all new members of the Secret Betting Club.

Featuring the likes of our Secret Betting System Guide (which includes 3 top performing betting systems for Football, Horse Racing & Golf), as well as our expert Pro Gambler Blueprint…its a truly amazing deal you wont want to miss out on!

Sign-up right now for a Secret Betting Club membership and gain instant access to our full Ultimate Betting package or read on for more details on this amazing deal!

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Bonus Gift1
The Secret Betting System Guide is a powerful compendium of betting strategies and systems that really work and will make you money. We know as we put them together and follow them ourselves!

It contains easy to read and clear rules on numerous powerful betting systems including:
•The 4 Pronged Attack Racing System

This fantastic horse racing system explains a proven ‘4-pronged’ method to maximise the profits from the Racing Post Pricewise column. Between 2009 and 2012, the 4 Pronged Attack System made a whopping 322 pts profit from 883 bets and at a Return on Investment of 33.30%!
•The Fink Tank Football Value System

The Fink Tank Value System uses free football ratings made famous by the Times Newspaper ‘Fink Tank’ column for massive football profits. It made over £1,800 profit at just simple £25 bets in its first 2 seasons and has picked out a string of big priced winners at odds as big as 20/1!
•The On Course For Golf Betting Profits System

In this exclusive system, we reveal 6 excellent golfing sources, which when combined together can pick out regular large priced golfing winners. At £100 level stakes it made over £8,900 profit in 2011 and a further £19,000 in 2012.

That’s not all as the Secret Betting System Guide also includes a number of other strategies to follow including…
•The easy way to profit on horse racing with a Horses To Follow system.
•Cash in while watching the TV with our Reality TV betting blue print.
•The football Ante post Betting Strategy that picked out Carlisle to win JPT at 33/1.
•How to spot when ‘odds are odd’ and profit from bookie loopholes.
•Massively increase your football betting profits with this draw alert system.

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‘This Is The Real Deal’……

“Forget about these advertisements in the Racing Post promising an income of 50 grand a month, this is the real deal with long term figures and results laid out right before your eyes”

Actual member testimonial (copy of original email available on file)

Bonus Gift 2

The second part of our Ultimate Betting Package is the Professional Gambler Blueprint, which is a comprehensive seven part guide on how to make your betting pay.

It features advice and guidance from seasoned professional gamblers split into seven easy to follow sections:
•Part One: Solid Foundations – Avoid common newbie mistakes by getting your betting off on the right foot.
•Part Two: Money Matters – Betting bankroll management and how to maximise your profits
•Part Three: Mindset and What Makes A Winner- Key lessons on what really matters from betting pro’s
•Part Four: What To Bet On – Football and Horse Racing absolute essentials
•Part Five: Being Realistic – Tipsters or Systems? How to decide what suits you best
•Part Six: You’re The Boss – How to develop your own betting niche and become your own expert
•Part Seven: Bookie Bashing – How to keep under the bookmaker’s radar

The Pro Gambler Blueprint is jam packed with must read insights from proven experts. Weighing in at over 100 pages, its advice will put you firmly on the path to becoming a full time betting professional.

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‘Steady Success At Gambling’……

“Luckily with the help of SBC I seem to have found some kind of steady success at gambling which is making life interesting and more than bearable. In fact it’s never been better!”

Actual member testimonial (as posted on our forum)

Bonus Gift 3

The latest addition to our Ultimate Betting Package is new for 2013 and contains our 2 Independent Guides To The Best Horse Racing & Football Bookmakers to help improve your betting profits.

Choosing the right bookmaker(s) can be critical to your success betting and we provide impartial advice on the best bookies to use.

These 2 separate Horse Racing and Football Guides reveal…
•The best and worst racing and football bookmakers as voted for by SBC members:
•The betting industry exposed: The tricks bookies use to make sure you lose (and how to avoid them!)
•The must have bookmakers for both sports (and why most people dont use them!)

These 2 expert guides provide priceless advice for any serious punter and can make a major difference to your betting.

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Available FREE To All New SBC Members!

All of the above and our full Ultimate Betting Guide is now available free to all new Secret Betting Club subscribers!

We probably need our heads examining for giving this all away (after all the full package is worth £380 if sold individually), but its all part of our dedication to help you make as much money betting as possible.

Sign-up for a Secret Betting Club membership today and get your hands on our Ultimate Betting Package the instant you join!

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To your betting success!

Ztips offer – if you join the Silver package and above of SBC we will give you 4 months free to our service and then £5 per month after that. A bargain! Just drop me an email if you do and i will add you to the Ztips email straight away !

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