Secret betting Club Fink Tank Football Service

The SBC Fink Tank Football Service provides unique system-based value tips across the 4 major English leagues and is now open to new subscriptions for the forthcoming 2015/16 season.

Utilising the renowned Fink Tank football ratings from Decision Technology, these system based tips have a proven record of success and are available exclusively for sale via the Secret Betting Club only.

With 4 base systems to choose from for both Asian Handicap or Win only bets, you can select the football betting approach that suits you best.

Read on for more details on this service or secure your subscription for the 2015/16 season now.

What Is The Fink Tank Football System?

The Fink Tank is the name given to the football ratings developed and provided by a company called Decision Technology (Dectech), which we have utilised at SBC for several seasons to help identify value football bets.

By comparing their football ratings with the odds on any given football game, we are able to quickly identify the best value football bets and those that have provided a long-term edge over the bookmaker. Thus the SBC Fink Tank Football System was born!

We have run this system for several years, over which time it has made a strong profit long-term and proved to be very popular indeed. Especially given the fact that Dectech provided all of their ratings for free via their own website for several years.

This all changed in June 2015 with the announcement that Dectech would no longer be publishing their value ratings for free. Mindful of the interest in their ratings to help identify the best value football bets, we have agreed a deal with Dectech, so that we can provide all of the SBC Fink Tank System bets exclusively this coming season.

Thus, this new SBC Fink Tank Football Service has been setup, which will provide all bets rated at 15% value and higher across all 4 major English leagues for the 2015/16 season to those that subscribe.

Best of all, if already a Secret Betting Club Member, you can enjoy significant savings on the cost of a season-long subscription, with a £10 earlybird discount also available until the end of July.

“I am delighted to have secured a deal to ensure the continued supply of Fink Tank based football system bets for the 2015/16 season” –
Peter Ling – Secret Betting Club Editor

Secure your subscription for the 2015/16 season now.

Introduction & Overview Of Performance For All 4 Base Systems

The SBC Fink Tank System has proven popular due to the profits it has generated long-term across each of the 4 base systems that we recommend. All you need to do is choose the base system that most appeals to you and your preferred style of betting.

You can select to follow a base system dedicated to either Asian Handicap or Win only betting and whether you want to place the bets with either a 15% or 20% and greater value edge. We provide a detailed explanation to each base system and who they are suitable for in the 2015/16 Season Fink Tank Guide supplied to all members.

Moving onto results and each base system has made a clear profit long-term (dating back to 2008/09) as follows:

During the 2014/15 Season, each of the base systems made an equally strong profit with figures as follows:

Each of the bets during the 2014/15 season were supplied for free on the Secret Betting Club members-only forum. You can download them in spreadsheet form via this link.

What This Means Profit-Wise

For each of the 4 base systems, we recommend you work to a tailored points betting bank, ranging from 30 to 100 points. As every bet is for 1 point level stakes, it is very easy to translate this to how much you can make in real world figures such as with a £2000 bank below…

A £2000 Betting Bank…

If starting with a £2000 betting bank, here are the profits you would have made if using this for each base system during the 2014/15 season.

And then the profits you will have made with each system since the 2008/09 season

Long-term the AH Value 15 base system leads the way with £1,680.00 profit during the 2014/15 season and as much as £12,513.33 dating back to 2007/08.

A £5000 Betting Bank…

If wanting to take this a step further, here are the profits you would have made if using a £5000 bank for each base system during the 2014/15 season.

And also the profits you will have made with a £5000 bank following each system since the 2008/09 season

What You Will Receive As A Subscriber

As a subscriber to the SBC Fink Tank Football Service, every Monday and Friday at midday, you will receive the full details on any qualifying value bets from each of the 4 base systems.

These will be sent via email to you and will include all games where there is a bet showcasing 15% or higher value in the betting markets at that time.

This 15% cut-off value marker has been chosen as all of our live tracking and historical research indicates that the best profits come at 15% value and above.

Please note – our service will not provide the actual raw football ratings themselves, only the value bets generated via the 4 SBC base systems.

Fair Advised Prices Policy

It is vitally important for any football service to offer a fair policy on how they advise the odds quoted for any football tips put forward.

We have a very simple and effective approach to this, as we provide all subscribers with access to two spreadsheets for every set of qualifying bets to different bookmakers as follows:

Best Advised Odds ‘All Bookmakers’ – We quote the best price as put forward by a panel of ‘All Bookmakers’ which includes 10bet, 12bet International , 188bet, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Matchbook*, SBOBet, Totesport, Victor Chandler & William Hill.

Best Advised Odds ‘UK Bookmakers’ – UK punters are currently unable to utilise the services of bookmakers such as 188bet, Pinnacle Sports & SBOBet due to licensing issues. Mindful of this, we also provide a UK only sheet featuring you guessed it – UK accessible bookmakers only, which includes 10bet, 12bet UK, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Matchbook*, Totesport, Victor Chandler & William Hill.

All told, we feel this approach will help ensure that you can obtain the advised odds supplied and quoted on any Fink Tank System Bets.

*The Matchbook odds we quote are after their exchange commission fees have been deducted to ensure they are 100% accurate and fair

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