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As know i am no longer working so have plenty of time on my hands and doing various things and with my research and thanks to Secret betting Club , have learnt that bookmakers put tracking software on your PC like mpsnare , iesnare etc and the latest is lovation and this is the main 1 to avoid as if they get this they add the majority of your Device details from PC , or Smartphone etc to some datebase and there is nothing you can do to remove it , so they are spying on you and its also known as a ‘footprint’ or ‘fingerprint’! . Mpsnare and iesnare they track what you are doing and see what other bookmakers you are using etc etc

To see if you have any of these on your PC already do this :-

Windows explorer or File explorer , then make sure looking at ‘This PC’ or main drive if dont have that and in search box at top type in ‘mpsnare’ then wait to see what comes up !!

I bet many of you have mpsnare and hopefully not lovation as that is the worst as can remove from PC but cannot from the database you beene added to !!

If have them delete the folders straight away and then go to this site :-


I am not an affiliate and its FREE , choose your browser and install there add on , for me it was chrome.

Once have done that go to ‘My ghostery’ and browser extensions settings and blocking options advanced settings , and browser extension settings and select ‘BLOCK ALL ‘

This will stop them tracking your PC at all and when do mpsnare search next day will be gone as long as deleted as above and then loaded ghostery after .

Some sites it may effect if need to do chat with them etc , if so you can manually look at site and trial and error remove the block that is stopping it.

To do that , its easy when you are on the site want to use , click the little blue ghost icon and that will show you what trackers are being blocked on that site.

To see the details click on trackers with the arrow , and it will show each one being blocked , 1 of the biggest bookmakers in UK if go to there site and click the blue ghost will see it is 1 of many sites trying to put lovation on your PC . I wont name them but they are massive in UK and i still use them but with ghostery thankfully they cant add it to my PC. You blockall as they are coming up with new things all the time and this way you block them all , and adjust if something doesnt work trial and error manually. I had to do that once so far in a few days of using.

Secret betting club have this and more on there and VPN details etc etc , all they can do to help the punter and massive help to me i can tell you. Also just posted an article on big survey that there members completed on which bookmakers restrict you quickly , those that dont , the sports that get you limited or closed , stake size availability etc etc , MORE than just a tipster proofing site.

Rare for me to post this sort of thing but the bookies should not be tracking our movements on the internet at all .

If any decide they would like to join SBC then click here

Also any that do i would add you to ztips email as thanks for a few months  , they are more than just proofing and are a great site !



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