Bank Management etc



This my approach to bank management and staking below :-

I am a very cautious tipster and like to protect our bank from any unforeseen losing runs , so go a very cautious 100 pt bank meaning if you have £1000 bank then 1pt is £10 for you. I like the 100 pt bank route as means we are all staking the same % of our bank on each selection . With my accuracy i could go to 50 points ie 2% of our bank per point but i think we work so hard for our money i want us to slowly but surely grow our banks and dont like to get to stressed if i can help it .

Also compounding is good as if £1000 on day 1 its £10 a pt , where as next day its £1020 then its £10.20 for each selection that day. Good thing with this is you are betting more when bank is on the up and less when the bank is going down in a losing spell. Some people do this at the start of a new month and then keep to that for the entire month , some weekly and some do it daily.

Discipline is so important and many have said they have learnt this from me and how not to be greedy , for instance on a team to win they go 2 up i take the money and run and if late on and just 1 up i will get out also.

Eventhou my criteria looks for very obvious wins we can still extract Value , as i know from reading a games form and working my criteria what roughly a match price should be .  I am always looking at different routes into a match and as i tell people so many have no idea of Value , especially tipsters who say it needs to be 2.00 for me to tip it to gain value. Yet the tip could be 2.0 but based on chances should be 3.0 etc which means its actually not value at all and value can actually be 1.03 etc. EVERY single tip of mine extracts value as will find out and based on its chances should regularly be quite alot shorter than what we will obtain.

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