Ztips Staking etc


This my approach to bank management and staking below :-

I am a very cautious tipster and like to protect our banks and many have said its so obvious I care about your and my money. We go with a 100pt bank which means 1pt is 1% of your betting banks , stakes range from 1pt to max stake of 2pts for very confident selections and currently the average is 1.5pts a selection .  With my accuracy I could go with a 50 pt bank as we never have long losing runs but I much prefer the 100pts and the staking that we have. We all work so hard for our money and I want us to grow the bank with as little stress as possible as life is hard enough as it is.

Betting banks need to be separate from any monies you need to pay for your mortgage, rent , food , bills etc its should be money that you can afford to lose. If you get stressed at all from a losing bet that would suggest you are staking to much.

I do encourage compounding as its very good way of growing a bank. For instance say you started with a £1000 betting bank and on day 1 its £10 a pt , if the selection were to win and our new bank is £1020 then its £10.20 for each selection that day. Good thing with this is you are betting more when the bank is going up and less when the bank is going down. Some people do this at the start of a new month and then keep to that for the entire month , some weekly and some do it daily. The choice is yours of course.

Eventhou my criteria looks for obvious wins we still extract Value , as i know from reading a games form and working my criteria what match price roughly should be .  I am always looking at different routes into a match and as i tell people so many have no idea of Value , especially tipsters who say it needs to be 2.00 for me to tip it to gain value. Yet the tip could be 2.0 but based on chances should be 3.0 etc which means its actually not value at all and value can actually be 1.03 etc. EVERY single tip of mine extracts value as you will find out and based on its chances should regularly be quite alot shorter than what we will obtain. That is why i get in early with my match selections and the price is regularly alot lower by kick off.


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