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I have obtained a site EXCLUSIVE 3 week FREE trial for Racing Accum (My favorite service) and 2 week FREE trial for Sports Trader and the codes do no expire until the end of the year so plenty of time to try them out. PLEASE follow the instructions below to utilize the offers  :-

Sports Trader ServiceClick HERE  and sign up and when get to payment box you enter ST2W  , this will give you 14 days FREE. On day 15 you would have to pay when login to continue receiving selections.

Racing Accumulator ServiceClick HERE and sign up and when get to payment box you enter code RAC3W , this will give you 21 days FREE . On Day 22 you would have to pay when login to continue receiving selections.

Obviously you can do FREE trial on either from same account , just remember to use my link and enter the code for each trial.



Details about both services in full that Boost My Income provide.

As many of you probably know I have been working from home since September 2016 and have been looking each and every day for the so called’Holy Grail ‘ lol yes that service or site that can help me make a consistent living. I have gone through many duds and then found the below in November 2016 and what a difference it has made for me and my long term future. The site name is well titled as it wont fail to Boost your and my income !


Boost My Income have 5 services on site that they run but i am a member of the 2 below Racing Accumulator and Sports Trader .

Racing Accumulator

The best horse tipster service there is on the NET full stop and results back that up all to level stakes !! No matter the odds they are WIN only selections and odds range from 3.00 to 34.0 so far and high strike rate.

Its not cheap but I do believe you get what you pay for and if want the best and to make really great profits then its worth it . I have been a member a few months now and am very happy to pay what they charge , use link above or below and register as free member and then head to Racing Accumulator and see Results , they can be filtered by month etc and see the monthly profit. I worked it out myself also and see table below these are level stakes 1pt WIN ONLY selection , 1st Column shows if just BACK them only , 2nd is if Back then LAY same horse for 75% liability on betfair , 3rd is if bookie accounts closed just backing on Exchange and final column i worked out the worse pts loss in any day each month  :-

Points profit
Bookies Back/Lay Exchange Worst
BACK BACK Losing day
Oct-15 151.49 57.16 98.90 -19.25
Nov-15 168.65 105.97 106.20 -16.42
Dec-15 66.26 40.32 41.00 -25.00
Jan-16 0.00 0.71 0.00 0.00
Feb-16 48.49 21.87 17.65 -17.50
Mar-16 29.58 47.15 0.25 -21.50
Apr-16 153.40 101.35 78.45 -28.00
May-16 178.07 87.58 100.60 -20.00
Jun-16 248.65 141.15 140.80 -15.00
Jul-16 147.32 79.89 61.45 -16.00
Aug-16 160.09 57.78 76.08 -17.42
Sep-16 169.93 69.27 70.43 -24.00
Oct-16 190.22 83.47 88.43 -18.50
Nov-16 36.77 29.87 -14.05 -7.42
Dec-16 no sels 47.04 no sels -7.28
Jan-17 no sels 8.04 no sels -8.6
1748.92 978.62 866.19

Note : December , January and February so far because of the weather they recommend just the safer back and LAY option only hence no selections for BACK only.
I started out using the back / LAY option until i trusted the results using the bet engine to LAY 75% of liability each horse on betfair . But when happy and checked back results the profit was so much better if just backed them so decided to go that way myself.

The selections are not emailed out they go on site at 10.30am and then a further final update at 11.30 – 12 noon with some more selections. Saturdays there could easily be 70-80 selections and by far the busiest day so need to be right with your staking and obviously they recommend a certain pts bank. Another reason i went to just backing apart from over double the profits was the time as had to maniuplate a excel sheet to then save in csv with your prices taken and then link to the betengine . It was easy enough but 1 less thing to do when just placed 70 horses manually on BOG bookmakers. Monday to Friday far less selections but could be between 15 – 30 i would think. The results are truly amazing and yes December , January and February they recommended to Back / Lay only because of the weather so I have taken a break as just backing now as stated. Middle of February they are saying can back as well then , and i will from March 1st and have paid up anyway. Customer service is excellent and reply quickly and even call you if required and have a daily webinar that welcome to go on each day and can help you via that as well.

Racing Accumulator topped racing Index for no 1 horse tipster for 2016 see full blog post below :-

Well we did it, Racing Accumulator now independently verified by Racing-Index has made us the No1 tipster in the UK and Europe against all others they verify. We beat tipsters who are seen as the top in their profession and have been there for many years. Not only did we beat everyone since verification started in September 2016 but the amount of points we made in those four months were more than anyone else made for the whole year.

This is nothing less than amazing and shows our place as No1 is firmly cemented. 2017 will be no different as the strategy remains the same and is not based on any performance whatsoever so is timeless in its operation. This all happened to BSP as well so the profits if you had been using bookies was even bigger. Lets do a quick round up of 2016 profits on both our strategies as they are well worth putting into print.

This year we have made on Strategy 1 which is Back and Lay 1363 points with a bank of 200 points. It doesnt take a genius to see how many times we doubled the bank. Strategy 2 is even more impressive making 770 points on a 50 point bank!!. This means that on average each month you are more than doubling your account, no one else in horse racing can do that. Even if you just backed the horses on the exchange with a bot which takes seconds you would have made 616 points and thats the worst odds you can get!!

So an amazing year and not one month is negative.. We are hoping in 2017 to beat our 2016 record so that is a goal for us already and a goal that other tipsters say cant be done, but they said that about us in 2016 when we stated we would make an average of 100 points a month on Strategy 1 and also double our bank on average every month for Strategy 2. If you are not already a member than please come and join us as there is plenty of room.

Add to the performance that we provide by far the best customer service in the industry that no one else will ever achieve and you have a company who totally satisfy their customers. Boost My Income run a live webinar every weekday for customers to be able to speak to us live if they have a question or a problem. Yes live you can speak to the team who run Boost My Income with whatever question or query you have and we will speak with you directly and even show you on a screen live as we speak with you. We also know for a fact NO ONE else in the industry does this….WHY because they never want to face their customers.

Finally have a great 2017 and if you are with us then we will do our part to make it very successful.


Boost My Income don’t just have the service above , they have Sports Trader service also of which I am a member ad details are below :-

Sports Trader service

I am with this also and again not cheap but the service believes in low risk and tips about 8 – 10 selections a day on Horses that taken from racing Accumulator above , Football any day they post its 3 selections maximum and then best of all Tennis selections and no more than 3 a day . The Tennis selections are the best i have EVER seen bar none , its uncanny just how good they have been so far !

Also they do risk free strategies that majority should know of , for instance Bet365 Daily featured race offers strategy , and Saturdays live racing. Also Betfair 3/1 winner and above strategies and ladbrokes Football strategies for there £20 bet on certain live game offers.

Its called Sports Trader but the Horses , Football , Tennis are straight bets but they class them as low risk but to me its largely a tipping service and a bloody good one at that ! The horses vary in prices from 2.0 to 20.0 so far , Football from 1.36 to 2.25 so far and Tennis 1.50 to 2.20 so far.


Overall View of Sports Trader  :-

Because I have been a member for awhile now I have got used to the site and services above and do believe the delivery of the selections needs to be improved and even the login also . I have passed this on to the owner of the company and they sound like going to action plenty of my suggestions.

Improvements the site needs as far as delivery of the selections ,  for what they charge for the Sports Trader service should be perfect  :-



Login is fine but there is no remember me option , so when having to keep checking site to see if selections are there and if not refreshed screen for awhile you find yourself logging in numerous times again each morning and does my nut lol again this has been passed on.

Customer service as stated is immaculate though and they reply quickly and happy to call you if really stuck or have any query but first suggest joining them on the daily live webinar.

You will honestly not regret signing up with Boost My Income and choosing either Racing Accumulator or Sports Trader or both like me !

Thanks for reading and an added bonus any that join using my link can have a FREE month on ztips email if not a member already.



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