Football Index – Football Stockmarket !!

Hello to people based in the UK and Sweden 🙂

I have teamed up with Football Index the 1st Football Stockmarket for trading of players site. Its great fun being able to buy and sell shares in Football players with the aim of selling them on for a profit. Adds to watching them play cheering them on even more when they play particularly well.

So How does it work :-

So the aim is to a try and spot players that have the potential to have a great season, maybe starting to get game time and be noticed and a good career ahead, buy shares in them whilst the price is low and sell them later on for a profit.

Imagine buying Ronaldo when he first come on the scene at Sporting Lisbon he may well of been under a £1 a share and yet now he is £11.52 today !. Its a great feeling when you find a nice price , at start of season i bought Benzema for just about £2 a share as knew with Ronaldo now gone he would be more of the focal point of the attacks and he went up 50p a share very early in to season when scored a few goals.

You dont just make money from how they are performing on the pitch , you can earn dividends from Match day rankings and media rankings (More details of what these rankings are below and how they work) . For instance Pogba is in the papers plenty at the moment and his price has gone up because of it despite not actually playing very well.  This shows its not just based on the players performances its on weight of money also if a player is getting bought the price will of course go up , where as if plenty are selling there shares the price will of course go down.

How to Find and search for players :-

You have the Top 200 player list which is the top 200 highest priced players as at midnight the night before and then the Squad players list for all the other players which isnt far off 2000 players now.

On both lists you can sort by value increase , decrease , Goalkeepers and Defenders , Midfielders , Forwards and there is a search bar where can type in part of there surname to help find the player you are looking for.

What I like is if you are interested in a player you can click on the star next to there price and that will add them to your watchlist. I have over 100 on my watchlist.

If you want to dig deeper if you click on a players name you can see graphs and time frames to see what there prices were previously , as standard it shows 24 hours and 7 days but beside the chart you will see also 1 month , 3 months , 6 months and 1 year which is great as can see if player based on a year ago and still performing is higher now or lower than was a year ago.

Its very very user friendly and they even have an academy on there where can get hints and tips from people that class them selves as Professional and do this for a living !!

Then once you buy a player they get added to your portfolio tab so can see them all on once screen , the most shares you can buy in any 1 player is 100.

What if I need more help ?  What resources are there available on Football index :-

On the left side you find the below four coloured Menu buttons / options

Tutorial – This is a 2.5 minutes Youtube video that helps you to get started and its really good and beneficial

Academy – There is a section in here for New traders and how to start trading the first football stock market . There in an existing traders part so you can expand your knowledge of the site and learn to trade smarter.

You can also Learn trading strategies and winning tips from professionals that do this for a living and there are over 100, 000 players on the site. IT IS BIG and only going to grow !

Forum –  They have a really active forum where you see Football index announcements , General Trading discussions , Transfer speculation section etc etc and sure will find some gems to buy in here

Blog – They have various posts on here about latest England games and player news etc

As will see they have plenty to help you play and thrive on this site and for me its only going to grow and grow and grow.


There are three ways to win on Football Index and details below  :-

Changes in Footballer prices

The fluctuations in player prices provides great opportunity’s to profit from trading either long or short term. Simply BUY low and Sell HIGH for maximum profits.

Media Rankings

They take 25 UK News feeds to produce the definitive ‘trending’ Footballer each day. Media dividends pay out 365 days a year and when there’s no football actually on they pay the top 3 players.

Matchday rankings

Driven by Opta Data Performance Rankings they have four separate dividend opportunities on Top Forward, Midfielder and Defender , plus Top Overall Footballer.

If you would like any help finding some possible bargains I have as mentioned loads on my watchlist that I would be happy to share if you use my banners on this page to signup. If you do please private message me on twitter or email me on 

I have also setup a FREE ‘Football Index Telegram Chat groupHERE the idea is for everyone to be welcome in the group and we can chat and swap player tips and advice , as I think many will like me want to carry on playing and having fun and at same time making £. I love playing the game and will do for a long time yet !!

As you will know by now i am a very cautious tipster and gambler and trader infact and what I like with this is you have a safety net where you can lose up to £500 and if decide not for you close positions and email there support email within 7 days. I am enjoying it so far and intend to play long term and admit i started small with just £30 which felt about right with player values of the ones I was interested in and wanted to give a week at least to see if was for me or not. Decided that if was I could top up more as and when required but wanted to build up slowly.


The link is for UK and Sweden only at this moment in time , that is where Football index have licences currently.

This is an affiliate link BUT i am on a Cost per acquisition deal as i dont agree with making from peoples losses , so I make a set fee for each new signup. I can prove it if requested.


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