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For those that cant wait to read the below the link is here:-

I am a full member and was before Garry even went live with GS Football Trading – you will see its not an affiliate link at all and a friend of mine that helps me plenty on my trading almost every day ! Garry is so approachable and I cant say enough good things about him and his service.

Unlike many trading sites that provide selections they do provide a full profit and loss for the service so its in there interests to do well also as they need to keep members happy and wanting to stay with the service of course.

They provide a full manual that covers each strategy and daily selections for the various strategies and on average 3 per strategy. And a brief idea of the main ones currently are below , more will be added as time goes by but they want people to be comfortable first. They also have a members only chat room which is great and very helpful in following the evenings selections and Garry even provides some inplays when the situation arises in a particular match on his list of tracked games.

GWFHG – This is where we trade for a goal in first half with 1-1 correct score cover in the Half time market

GW1.5 – This is a set and forget strategy where we LAY the Under 1.5 goals and have 2 specific entry points that we set to KEEP on Betfair – if goal goes in before we are matched we cancel the unmatched bets

BTTS – This is a Both teams to score strategy where we LAY Under 4.5 goals at a specfic price before kick off and we also dutch 4 scores before kick off and then all we have to do is back the draw when 1st goal goes in. This is slightly more involved but its very very easy and along with the GWFHG is my fave strategy as I much prefer to have the full game to win.

GWFt3 – I had to look at the manual for this as its not 1 I use as I prefer the BTTS trade above but I think i maybe in the minority as with the above max risk if we get at least 1 goal is 1pt where as this is only 1/2 pt risk so risk v reward is vastly better. What you do is ducth the 2-1 1-2 scorelines for 1/2 pt and then react when there is a couple of goals , but they do tell you what to do in chat as and when goals go in for this and obviously have a full manual for each strategy anyway.

O2.5 – This is purely a back of the Over 2.5 goals at a specific price ( Or you can drip back the match to get better value the later the 1st goal is) and take the green ideally when first goal goes in but as per manual you do have options to suit the individual ie if first goal very early and the underdog wait until half time to see if fave equalizes etc.

As you can see there is plenty there and I feel its well worth the £25 per month that they charge and the customer service and help is excellent.

I hope to see you on the inside in the chat room , I tend to be in there a bit less than many and it seems to be in daytimes Monday to Saturday and I may post the odd post in the evening. But i have the games setup on flashscores and soon as goal goes in I react if i need to and know the strategies i use easy so no help is required for that.

Like any strategy and any service , the selection needs to be good otherwise no matter how good a strategy is you cannot win. Wayne and Garry are excellent but i still highly recommend you go through each of there selections and decide for yourself if they are good or not as we all have our own views on goals and what we look for me especially being i live for goals and have done for any many years. Least if you do that you have an element of control rather than just backing something blindly with I do not recommend at all. Many do and are happy to do that but I could never just do that and put my £ on something without checking for myself also.

Here is that link again and as stated already no affiliate link at all

Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you in the members room

Scott aka Z

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