No Mug bets Money making System


I have been watching for a fair while now my mate Shaun’s Facebook group called no mug bets money making system and have been impressed with his service (he is looking to change the name to something more suitable to the service).

I believe many of you should be very interested in what they offer.

Of course nothing is guaranteed every single month but they have profited 8 out of 9 months and on track for another profitable month. They back horses to place in the standard place market. (Please note this is not each way) and they use a system called back progressive with a stop loss In place in case of a bad run. And selections are generally placed via an automatic bot (5starbot) where members spend only 2 minutes a day putting them in and then leave the bot to do the rest of the work for the day.

So far this year they have had well over 250 members but this was before the bot was introduced and it was previously VERY time consuming for all clients but now there is a bot in place time this is not a factor at all and the website can be used on a mobile, Tablet or computer. This is where Shaun comes in to his own as his customer service is 2nd to none and even has calls with people to help them setup the bot if the provided instructions are not enough but that is rare as it takes just 15 minutes to setup via the website. How many services do that ? Not many in my experience so far.

They of course already have a number of regular members and it is currently growing but as any experienced person will know it is not easy to to promote something however good it may be especially because it is something different/new out there because there are so many dodgy/useless things about which make people naturally skeptical.

The base idea of this was first developed over 18 months ago by Shaun but over the last 12 months it has been fine tuned and they now have the finished product working alongside the bot.

In the past the majority of members would only stay a few months because they would have to spend so much time putting the selections on manually one at a time throughout the day and it can get very tedious but now members no longer have to spend that time as all clients use the bot as previously mentioned. Far easier now just 2 minutes in your lunch hour.

I have spoken to Shaun and he has agreed to let any of my followers who are interested in seeing it have a 2 day free trial (the bot company also give 7 Days free) and there is of course no obligation to join, and after the 2 Days an exclusive offer of 29.99 for the first month instead of 39.99 especially for Ztips readers / followers.

The only criteria you need to meet is that you can get internet access for 2-3 mins a day between 1-2pm ish ie lucnhtimes and you have a betfair account with a minimum starting bank (after the trial) of £250. If you are interested please click here this takes you to no mug bets money making system Facebook page and then send a private message to Shaun Jones and mention the code ztipstrial to get the discount and free trial with them.

Also for those interested please find below the current results in excel format :-

No Mug Bets Results March 17 onwards

Any Questions :-

Shaun is very much a hands on owner for his service and likes to take all questions directly himself as nobody knows the system and the process better than him. So please use the above link to get to the facebook page, request to Join and then contact him with any question or queries there.

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