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Thanks for visiting my sign up page.

I am a very low risk tipster and very cautious and treat your money as thou was my own and i care greatly that we win and we dont take many risks. Also i encourage discipline and many have said they have learnt from being with Ztips.

I specialize in Football and my favourite market is goals and i have a set criteria that i follow that has 28 items to allow for each match and if passes this its a selection. The idea behind this was to try and reduce the emotion from my selections .

A League many say i am the best there is , not sure about that but know cant be many better and if is would love to see it for myself. Its by far my favourite league as i watch many of the games being i am at home fulltime. Singles are my main bet and for the proper stakes. I do also like bank builder accas and they tend to do very well and very popular and my betfair specials i have had much success with many winners and the best have been 50/1 30/1 28/1 etc etc . So even thou i only log my results for my main site selections where i quote 1pt etc against each one , the other added bets do very well but i class these as a bit of fun.

Another major plus to consider is with them not being seen by 25k followers anymore on twitter we will get matched sooner as the price wont get walloped by the heavy hitters that dont care what price it is because of my strike rate. Also unlike many i have been on Twitter since 2011 so its not as thou i have been on a  few months and started charging and i have 25k followers for a reason and i am 1 of the few that never asks for retweets and get my followers from my reputation.

I am a very cautious tipster and we work to a 100 pt bank and 1 pt equates to 1% of your bank so if its £120 start of the day £1.20 per 1 pt , next day if say £125 balance then its £1.25 a pt that day and so on. I may increase stakes in future so as not so cautious but we shall see.

So what do you get from Ztips for your £ , full details are below :-


Email Schedule for Selections , major plus of being full time you get them early so no excuse not to get on the selections. And because you get them so early you will find we beat the price regularly compared to when game kicks off.

Mondays – Mondays , Tuesday and Wednesdays Selections 

Tuesdays – Thursdays and Fridays Selections

Wednesday – Saturdays Selections

Thursday – Sundays Selections

Fridays – Work on the weekend FREE Fun Accumulators for the site and the LAYS 

Main site selections are Over 2.5 goals , team goals , Spanish match Bookings , The A League where I have excelled for 4-5 seasons now. I live for goals and cards in Spain of course lol 

If would like to see the site singles results on excel please email me on

Also as a free add on to members we have the Ztips private twitter Account that i put my 2nd half LAYS in play on , Basic trades , My over 1.5 goals , extra Over 2.5 goals , any new criteria or market i like to trial it etc every single day. The initial aim was to provide more selections over the summer months to keep members active. Its been very well received and eventhou the results are not logged for these and small stakes advised the selections have done very well. The standout would be the 2nd Half LAYS and my Over 1.5 goals which have a really high Strike rate. I will continue to put extra selections on there even in the winter leagues and a very nice add on for members 🙂

Finally if you need a little help to decide please click HERE to see the testimonials page from Subscribers .


Here are the subscription options :-


Option 1 BEST OFFER – £70 FOR 1 YEAR £5.83 per month – one off payment – no refunds given.

Option 2 – £5 One off payment for 1 week ( not recurring ) – no refunds given


Option 3 – £15 per month (£3.75 a week) recurring payments – no refunds given


Option 4 – £15 One off payment for 1 month (not recurring ) – no refunds given  


Option 5 – £30 – 3 months for the price of 2 ( recurring ) – no refunds given



Please Note –

Once i receive notification from Paypal or Skrill i send you a Welcome email and after you have paid you will be taken to a signup page automatically. Please complete this with your preferred email address etc and that will set you up on ztips email list.  

I wish you good luck and a great 2017.


As usual make sure you know you want to join ztips and what we offer before hand as i will not do refunds under any circumstances. Results are always available on request.

I give my all and you will see how hard i work and hopefully will get the benefit.

Good Luck !

Scott aka Z


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