Please find below my updated results as at 9th August 2018.

I will update these at least once a month on this page so can give an idea of how we are doing and the bets that we do etc.

I have been on twitter for 7 years and built up a very good reputation for my consistency / honesty and these results are from April 2017 and will see I only really tip League football . That is why the results do not include my World Cup selections which did amazingly well and cannot think many tipsters will fo done as well as me.  Also my non logged bets like betfair specials etc where we have had winners priced at 50/1 30/1 28/1 etc in the past.

As many know I made a major change to my criteria for my Overs selections on the 21st April 2017 and many have asked can they see results from that date onwards as its over 16 months+ is a fair reflection so that is what I do. 

Results to 9th August 2018

As can see its made a major difference and and ROI is 8.69% which is i am told very goods for the markets I tip on. I have started to increase selections when can as found when my results where at there best in past I was tipping many more so have taken that into consideration. Also in January 2018 have started to do more both teams to score selections and as can see they have done pretty well. 


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