April I added to my goals criteria and look at the improvements in results since , its made a huge difference and over a time historically I dont do so well which bodes well when the main leagues are back.


Please find below my updated results as at 31st July 2017.

I will update these on the 1st of each month so can give an idea of how we are doing and the bets that we do etc.

They are not to bad when consider bets that dont get matched in play dont get logged and this would add plenty to the winners.  End of July I have addressed this by going for over 2.5/3.0 and Over 3.0 if need be so not relying so much on getting matched in play.

Also i have been on twitter for 6+ years and built up a very good reputation for my consistency / honesty and these results are from September 2015 . Add to that was dealing with the loss of my Mum over that period etc so considering that 6% is not to bad and doesn’t include my non logged bets like betfair specials etc where we have had 50/1 30/1 28/1 etc winners and many other also.

Results as at 31st July 2017 – Ztips Results 25.09.15 onwards


As many know I made a major change to my criteria for my Overs selections on the 21st April and many have asked can they see results from that date onwards , showing the new criteria so here it is as at 19th October 2017.

Ztips results since major criteria change 21.04.17 onwards

As can see its made a major difference and thats over 6.5 months 🙂 and Main leagues are slowly having enough games for me to get on them , as can see 13 of last 16 have won. 


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