Please find below my updated results as at 15th January 2017.

I will update these on the 1st of each month so can give an idea of how we are doing and the bets that we do etc.

They are not to bad when consider bets that dont get matched in play dont get logged and this would add plenty to the winners.  January i am addressing this by having tiered staking so that we get in earlier as i hate missing winners.

Also i have been on twitter for 5 years and built up a very good reputation for my largely unrivaled consistency and these results are from September 2015 only . Add to that was dealing with the loss of my Mum so considering that 7-8% is not to bad and doesnt include my non logged bets like betfair specials etc where we have had 50/1 30/1 28/1 etc winners and many other also.

Results as at 17th January 2017 :-  Ztips Results to 17.01.2017






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