Please find below the service results first of all to 31st July 2018 , then as stated below separate results for this season because of the staking changes etc as detailed further below :-

As many know I made a major change to my criteria for my Overs selections on the 21st April 2017 and my results below cover that period to the 9th August 2018. As can see it made a major difference and ROI was 7.58% which was pretty good for the markets I tip on. I started to increase selections as found when my results where at there best in past I was tipping many more so I took that into consideration. Also in January 2018 I started to do more both teams to score selections also.


Results-to-31st July 2018


Update for the 2018/2019 Season

Below you will find the results for this season . I decided on August 1st to increase my points stakes and it back fired miserably and we found ourselves over 13pts down by end of September . Thankfully that was the last losing month , October was about even and we have made profit in November, December , January and February. The introduction of team cards has made a great difference and they have been very popular. Results are not where I expected them to be I cannot deny based on previous seasons above but when consider the poor timing etc i am very happy how I have turned that around and the consistency I am well known for looks to have returned and long may it continue  !!

I will update again the end of April, hopefully showing 7 months since our last losing month (which was September 2018)

August 2018 to 31st March 2019


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