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Hi All
I have been a member for about a month on bets with profit a twitter tipster @Betwithprofit and been really impressed so far and there results have been excellent over last 6 months making a profit in each.

As know i am very honest , he noticed how many followers i had and said if promoted service and got sign ups i could have for free all time someone that quoted my code ZLT was still subscribing. Well i was happy to pay for them and have done but why not take the chance to get free.

Also for each month you are a member i will add equivalent months to my email as thanks , they do £40 per month or £100 for 3 months . They also do a profit guarantee so if lose first month get the next free and so on , speak to them for further details. And if the next free month doesnt make profit its another free month until they do but based on last 6 months that wont be required.

They have made 89 points over the last 6 months which is excellent considering so few selections , and what i like as they are so selective and there results are permanently available on there twitter pinned post. Click here for RESULTS !!

They take paypal and the tips are delivered by 3 options , text message , email or DM on twitter , you just need to say when send payment via paypal.
The selections come out anytime up to 1pm and you get a message for each horse.

They recommend a 25 point bank or 4% of bank per bet , me being me i am doing with 50 pt bank so 2% max stake , so its 1pt each way or 2pt win per horse.

If any decide to give a go then make sure quote ZLT so they know came from me and let me know also for each month so i can add a month to ztips email.

Thanks for reading and click here to get to them @Betwithprofit quote ZLT to them so they know its me ! Then let me know and can be on email for same period with them as thanks !


ps as know i only promote something i use and rate ! And i dont make any £ but do save some as will get free if any signup.

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