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I have a review from my wife on Profit maximiser and its benefits and being a total beginner. Its quite fair as I get a write up from her which gets you visiting my site and she benefits if any use her link as she makes some £ to add to her growing PM bank and shopping fund lol.

Anyway here she is :-


Scottie my Hubble asked me  would i like to write a guide to what you get on Profit Maximiser from my point of view starting with a small bank of £100.00. I only use on my days off the and odd hour in the evenings now and again and have had since December and my bank is just about £750 and was bit more but i have purchased each way sniper also and have football accumulator also via the PM products page. (Scott says me not having barely any accounts will have helped me do better than some but at sametime I have put less time in than plenty i am sure)

He said he had got some negative comments from the Sales page and some had wondered was it a scam so i said i was happy to help end the comments. My Scottie ,or Z as you know him as, is a perfectionist and takes masses of pride in what he does and what he represents so some comments can hurt as he cares about your money as much as he does his own. I get his daily emails and follow on twitter and think that is very clear to see from those and his twitter rants are purely because he is such a bad loser, infact he is an awful loser lol he is very very competitive on everything.

Anyway an overview Profit Maximiser and my personal experience so far  :-

Currently they have a great option of 14 days for £1+ vat to trial it and then if happy its a further £97 + vat for a year. (Offer an iron clad 30 day money back guarantee also)

Once signed up its really easy to follow – you are first of all taken to the HOME page :-

Here it gets you to white-list the the support PM email address , then you can register for the FREE Bonus live training webinar that would be live if needed more help. Then the Facebook forum which has 7012 members as i write this,  of which I don’t really use as I don’t like how disorganized it feels , and would much prefer a proper forum but am sure if was to use would make more as plenty of members find opportunities that even Mike hadn’t found.

Then you have the Start Here page so i found it very very easy and here you find

1 – Watch training videos of which I did and are excellent

2 – Complete the new bookmaker accounts offers – All risk free – I hadnt heard of quite alot of them and Mike does all work for you and goes through the staking requirements so we dont have to . I started at the top as suggested and picked the smaller stakes first to help build a bank.

3 – Do the final spread betting offers – again all risk free – I still need to do some of these

4 – Casino offers and plenty of them – plenty are risk free , then low risk , and medium risk and so on – They are in order of how easy they are to do

5 – Bingo Bonuses – again there are masses of these and you do need a bit of luck on these but there are plenty of small stakes offers and I found them fun and still have many to do. Mike yet again has everything worked out and instructions and videos and if do enough of them luck seems to even itself out and my best win was £254.00 on 1 site.

6 – Do the daily Calendar options  – I did this sooner than the final option on the start here page as this highlights the risk free and refund options etc . Like no lose blackjack , no lose Slots offers where bet £10 and if loses get cash back and its good fun. At top have option of wanting to see Sports , Casino offers or both and what sort of risk you are prepared to try and i admit i play cautious and dont have ticked High risk options leaving Risk Free and Low risk.

What I really like as well is you can tick each bonus you complete. For instance when completed Comeon bookmaker sign up and bonus then tick as complete and then clear to see what offers still to do. This is same through out even on Calendar.

After this, that is not it as, you have the daily calendar options , the bingo offers seem endless and then on training page near bottom you have yet more to do that are with your existing accounts .

For Instance :-

Bet365 – ITV 4/1 Live races and featured 2 races of the day – plenty of bonus money to be made here and full instructions and excel sheet and 2 options , 1 easier than other and the 1 i do – maybe when am more confident will do harder option.

2nd place refund offers – and strategies for that

Extra places and dutching for the Races where some bookies give 5 places , 6 places etc

Sharbing – a method for utilising high street bookmakers that are not so quick to update there prices on there coupons so can back and then LAY off on an exchange.

Price Boosts – Plenty of bookmakers do this and if price is right can win by backing the boost and LAYING off on an exchange.

Football Accumulator offers and how to lock in a profit and so on.

Mikes Customer Service is 2nd to None .

I have emailed him so many times and he is always quick to respond and no matter how stupid or silly my questions are he is happy to help until I am comfortable with what I am doing.

I think £98+ vat for just over a year is excellent for what you get.

Scott had been a member for a few years but admit dips in and out of my account for the calendar as there isn’t any point having 2 Profit maximiser accounts.

I hope this helps and for any that have found this of benefit and want to sign up, well this is my link here .

JM and Z

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