Friday 31st

Last night went to plan with the 2-1 final score in Denmark and crtainly signs that we are on the way back and have been tightening up and rightly so.
I do have 3 selections for Friday and they all look very good , the dutch 2nd league isnt even available on betfair as yet so have emailed them . I know looking at oddschecker we will need go in play.


Backing – 100pt bank and 1pt = 1% of your betting bank and 0.1pts = 0.1% of your bank ie you back £10 on each main bet then £1 would be cover stake and 0.15 pts = 0.15% or £1.50 on £10 main stake.
Laying – 100 pt bank also and we aim to win 1pt on each selection so the liability could be a maximum of 4pts ie 4% at times if i tip a LAY at max price of 5.0.

Any that have Betfair and do not know how to bet under £2 this is how you do it (I have fairbot so does it for me) say for the 1-1 , all you do is select a price way above the price it is so it doesnt get matched. So say put 20.00 for 1-1 and stake £2 , this will then be unmatched . Then you go back to it and change stake to say £2.25 or teh amount you want to be able to bet teh score for on top of the £2 , now when go back and look at unmatched bets it now shows 2 bets 1 at £2 and 1 at 25p the amount you actually want to bet, so adjust the 25p to the price available and that is matched , then go and cancel the £2 bet thats not matched and there it is , its really easy to do.

When prices quoted are from Betfair we are almost certainly looking for a better price in play so we use the set to KEEP option, if game we following for whatever reason doesnt go in play after all that bet will be voided as i want set and forget !
Red card in the match before we are matched cancel the bet straight away and will be a voided selection.
LAYS we will be in from kick off as i only select games where the price is 5.0 and under.

Fridays Selections

Australia 9.50am

Adelaide United match over 2.5 goals – 1.74 Betfair – set to KEEP – 1 pt

Ireland 19.45pm

Derry match over 2.5 goals – 2.03 Marathon bet – 1 pt
Derry match ends  1-1 – 7.00 10bet , net bet – 0.15 pt

Netherlands 19.00pm

Almere match over 2.5 goals – 1.74 Betfair – set to KEEP – 1 pt

Have a great day and good luck


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