Monday to Wednesday

Ok the prices as stated went up today and now the only offers for those not on recurring payments and didnt pay hold fee are as below :-

£15 per month – recurring
£15 per month – Non recurring
£50 one off payment for the remainder of 2017

Rest assured many of you when see the form i am in and that i will keep performing now will be wishing they did the offer but thats gone now and we move on . Good news for me .
The changes i have made are here to stay on my criteria and even I cant believe quite how accurate its made what i do and long may it continue , 23 of last 30 have won and obviously thats only matched loads wont get logged because we didnt match . I wont ever deviate form this criteria now , no more moaning , hardluck stories etc I have found what i wanted and sticking with it. Even on a usually good season ist towards the end i used to struggle with teams priorities changing , fighting for relegation , cup places etc and now i largely avoid games that look to be tense etc and if neither team has anything to play for means no bet , if home does and away dont thats fair game eventhou obviously i still need to believe the away can contribute to the goals. As know I am 1 of the most thorough tipsters there is and maybe 1 of my strengths , obviously i have many weaknesses dont we all lol

Another good weekend and with 4/4 Saturday and 5/6 yesterday and not all matched on the Over 1.5s but as always the main thing is they win as know plenty just bet big on my selections no matter the price.

Monday to Wednesday Selections

Monday – No selections , do think decent chance of goals in Djurgadens

Tuesday – No selections – Obviously Arsenal and man City should win easy but the away dont hit what i need for the away sides

Wednesday – No Selections – if i went near Scotland anymore then Rangers would probably be an overs selection , Genk was close but i hate seeing a team get 3 clean sheets in a row in last 6 played overall or home and away. Monaco again very likely but away dont contribute much away. Zurich easy again and probably team goals again also.

So no selections 1st 3 days of the week.

Dont forget I ideally need teams when I look at form to have played 5 at home if at home and the away side to have played 5 away , some leagues for the Summer getting close now. if i am very confident before that will still find selections.

Its better to bet when things are right rather than tip for the sake of it and lose , no fun in that either is there.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a very nice week.

Good Luck


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