Please find below testimonials from subscribers of ztips , none have been adjusted etc and are true reviews of my service. I care greatly for all my subscribers and there banks. A League is a common occurrence from these reviews and I do excel there.

Latest testimonial received 5th February 2018 :-


Hi Scott,

Hope you’re feeling better today.

Please find below my testimonial to your services you provide. You’ve always been a good guy to chat to and looked after me when it comes to subscriptions and advice so thank you.

I’ve known Scott (Ztips) for a good year and a half now so I’ve been able to experience the whole service that he provides over a long period of time. First off lets start by saying that over the last couple of years, I’ve seen hundreds Twitter tipsters come and go. Ztips is not like that, it is well established and not going anywhere. So when you invest into this service you can be rest assured it is for the long term. There are 2 very important reasons I rate Scott and his service very highly. Firstly he puts an enormous amount of time into Ztips. Once you join, it doesn’t take long to realise that Scott really cares about what he does. When you receive your tips which are through email, they are generally accompanied by a very extensive write up, stating his reason for his selections and even reasons why some selections may not have made the cut. He is very active on Twitter. He watches basically every tip he publishes which shows he doesn’t just tip and forget. Not only that, he is very approachable and will always respond to you. If you have a question he will respond with help. Secondly, tips are sent to you WELL in advance. Generally you will get most of the weekday tips on Monday and then Friday – Sunday a bit later on in the week. As a punter, this makes getting on tips very easy. It gives me time to work out my stakes correctly and ensure I bet the the best bookmaker rather than a mad rush like some tipsters. The tips are always accompanied with a stake suggestion (points based) for those that use a bankroll (which should be everyone!!). He always looks for value in the odds. There’s no 1.50 or below tips here. With any service that you choose to use, you must understand that it is a long term investment. There are ups and downs with anything but long term Scott produces a very respectable 10% ROI (give or take). The money he asks for is peanuts compared to the amount of time he puts into his service and there are frequent deals that are definitely worth snapping up. All in all, Ztips is a solid service that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a long term football tipster. Thanks for all your efforts Scott and all the best.

Josh (Twitter @thebetbuilder)


Hi Scott,

Hope you are fine mate and just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and consistent results and give / get some feedback.
Been following you for about a year and have to say you are both an excellent tipster but also a very honest and straightforward chap, which I find absolutely critical when following a tipster.
Also your latest results since April are close to impossible and many thanks for that mate.
Have even increased my stakes to 1,5 units.
14 units up in 4 months, especially the dead months of the year is very promising.
Really disappointed to not having access to betfair in Greece which makes me lose lots of the value of your tips, but that’s life and we move on with what we have!

It would be ideal to be able to get this value – I may consider moving to another country just for the access to betfair lol..

Also would really like to thank you for introducing the hockey and fc tipster great results there as well, been following both pages and happy with results.

Congrats for what you do and please carry on mate.
My tipping is also doing ok with 6% ROI after 400something tips (tipstrr/protothema13).

All the best,
Themis (twitter nick @protothema13)



First off you are a great, humble, caring individual, that has ALWAYS emailed me back the same day if I have a question.

Scott is not getting rich because of subscriptions!! (Like most of the other Twitter scumbags) He makes £ because he wins. Plain and simple.

Scott’s tipping is by far the best I have seen in all my years of looking for a consistent footy tipster.

If a person follows Ztips for one year or more. There is no way they won’t make $€£¥. (Unless no money management). Especially considering the cheap prices that you offer.

If you love overs and btts this is your guy!!

Scott is also the A League king!!! He always has a good feel for what will happen on the pitch in this league. (Usually spot on) scorers, cards, corners, goals, etc.

I live in the states and I love to wake up @ 6:00 am because I am always excited to see what your email is gonna say for the day.

You never force a play if it doesn’t fit in the criteria.

I would sign up for a lifetime email list if it was an option.

Thanks for everything that you do for us!!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

Brett B




When it comes to betting you need a reliable source of information and then you should use that information in your own way to make a profit.

Scott at ZTips is not only a helpful and kind individual, he is also a bloody good tipster.

His bank builders are brilliant and his team to score bets have a high percentage success rate.

To have someone doing this full-time for a living and virtually giving his selections to you is truly amazing.

He is an A League (Australia) master and his single bets make a profit.

The secret to his success is that he is not greedy, he doesn’t try to win everything in one day. Little and often and the profits keep rolling in.

If you are not a member of his service you should be, if you are a sensible bettor and are in this for profit.




Started using ZTips a few months ago and glad I did.

After getting sucked in by some Twitter tipsters it is refreshing to see an honest and straight forward tipster with a regular and reliable service. Tips are sent at a regular and convenient time (for me in NZ) and the best odds bookies are shown. He is straight up about his results both good and bad. His Twitter rants re: Krishna’s missed penalty, shows he takes seriously what he is doing. Bets are generally straight forward to place, odds don’t slump immediately and they can usually be found on OddsPortal (except for cards).

Doesn’t push affiliate links.

Ridiculously cheap service for an honest and worthwhile tipster.






I asked people that are on the email list for there honest opinion from being on the ztips email and here are some below :-


With regards to your request, I would like to say for the volume of study into games that you do the cost is minimal and great value.

You stick to what you know, no silly ad hoc selections and by pin pointing prices, again it creates value pricing, rather than the massive odds on tips we see online!

The perks of the email means I can place bets at my leisure during the day, leave them and check them later, no rushing around last minute checking website, prices reduced so works well for me.

Lastly your knowledge of Australian A League is second to none, which basically pays for everything else!

Keep up the good work


Paul A



Hi Scott:
Ztips is a breath of fresh air in what can be a murky world of Twitter tipping.
Always open and honest , no ridiculous or outlandish claims just Mr Consistent on a daily basis.
The guy has 23k followers and for good reason. Great tips come with an obvious wealth of knowledge.
His knowledge of the A league is also better than anyone’s.
His bankroll builders are also excellent and a great way of buildings funds.
I follow a lot of tipsters but I can honestly say I back everything that Scott puts on his emails.
Customer service is also superb. With 23k followers he will always still respond and advise.
He is my number tipster account without a doubt.
Cheers Scott and many thanks



Hi Scott

Just a quick line to say thanks for the brilliant email and tips. Followed a few tipsters (and unfollowed plenty!) and ztips is by far my favourite.

The value of the email is incredible.

Clearly well researched, consistently accurate ( the a league in particular), no Booms when he wins but equally no claims of it being a fix when he doesn’t.

Thanks again

Gary C



Hi Scott

Ztips is one of the most consistent tipsters I’ve ever known. He is constantly striving to improve his hit rate and will give you his best! He is very loyal and honest which is very rare these days and always wants his customers to be happy. He always gets his emails out regardless of his situation in life and I signing up to him was the best thing I’ve done! I cannot encourage you all enough to sign up and start winning with us!!

Big thank you to you mate
Matt R



Hi Scott

I’ve been following Z tips for over a year now. They are thoroughly researched and pinpoint good value selections in overs bets, traditionally the bets where value is hard to find. The strike rate is impressive as is Scott’s in depth knowledge of world football.

His main strength is A League football which he knows inside out but Scott can find good, profitable bets across the leagues. Even the Betfair Sportsbook Specials are analysed and winning selections often result.

For next to nothing in cost these tips bring entertainment as well as profit. I thoroughly recommend Z tips.

Pete S



Hi sir


Ztips is a great service, all tips are researched & this A league bets are 2nd to none.I would recommend this service % & he a just a genuine person

Keep up the good work

Pistol M



Hi mate

A bit of blurb about the service as requested……..

I’ve only recently signed up for the email service having previously followed the website tips. Knowledge of the A League is second to none and the benefit of getting the email is that it allows you to get on the pre-game bets before the odds tumble and given the early KO’s of some Aussie matches prevents you from missing out on potential bets.

The extra games covered in email that don’t feature on site are always well researched (thus preventing me from having to spend a lot of time myself) and give you plenty of options of bet type depending on what looks good. I often find myself combining bets to boost odds with great success

Probably most important aspect is you don’t feel that there is tipping for tipping sake, if the games look poor choices then they are excluded, far too many tipsters on Twitter would do well to follow suit!

You may not get rich quick but your account balance will consistently grow at a steady rate and are therefore able to sustain the inevitable loss here and there (or worst case scenario downswing).

I keep detailed records of all my bets and Z is running at 47.6% ROI, which is just insane!!

Bit waffly perhaps, not sure exactly what you want, feel free to cut and paste any relevant parts to suit your need. Bottom line is I’m VERY happy with the service and tips provided

All the best

Chris K



Hello Scott.

I just want to commend you on the massive improvement that you have brought to your tipping service.

I love the multiple selections that you now provide for each game. This has further increased the chances available for winning multiple times from a single match.

In addition, I must commend you on your win rate. This has remarkably improved and translated into more winnings for us all.

Clearly, your decision to be self employed was not an easy one. But in the end, I am convinced that you would achieve your goals. Indeed, it is already beginning to show in the results so far.

I would really be surprised if other subscribers have not been flooding you with emails commending you on a wonderful work that you are doing here. They really should be doing so because the results are there for all to see.

You can definitely count on me to renew my subscription for your invaluable tipping service next year.

Please keep up with the good work.

Warm regards,

Samuel L



Hi Scott

I would just like to say how much I appreciate your service. The work and effort you put in to finding winners and you are always there with help and advice when needed thanks again

Steve O


Hi Scott

My Testimonial:
Been receiving tips for close on 2 years now. Was kindly added to the email list as a goodwill gesture. Scott is one of 3 people whos advice I take into account when Im betting on the soccer. I block out all other views. In general if his advice agrees with one of the other 2 people then its a winning bet.
1) Master of the A-league for tipping winning bets especially goals based bets. Not his fault there is poor value there now which has led to other markets being tipped.
2) Has a brilliant record with his betfair goals specials accums at the weekends. Tight prices but they almost always win.
3) Customer service A1. Any time I have had a question he has answered promptly.


Mike M


sorry Scott, not been paying attention this week at all…..

have to say that Mr Aussie League aka ZTIPS is the go to place for all football betting, like any service is not going to be 100% (you adults will know that is impossible) but hits more often than a lot of other tipping services do, has realistic odds/value and avoids that ‘massive acca’ at daft odds that the ‘boom brigade’ offer. This means consistent wins, backed by intensive study of form, teams issues and other factors affecting results.

Thanks Dave J


Hi Scott
I’m here for the long haul, as sports’ investing is not a sprint but a marathon.
If you feel the same way, I think Ztips/Scott would fit your portfolio of tipsters well.
All bets are pre-match.
Games are to be backed at most bookies, thus prices are not slashed in seconds, and you should not be in danger of limits, due to large markets.
All in all a top notch service, for you looking for the long steady haul of profit.


Hi Scott,

from my end I have to report to whomever interested that your daily e-mail is the most professional and consistent approach to footy betting, and for sure a source of extra income if followed according to your advice and staking plan.
Early odds can be achieved via the e-mail and the cost is nothing compared to the value offered.
Highly recommended service from an experienced and consistent tipster.
Definetely worth joining.

All the best,


Hello Sir,
My testimonial:
I paid £14 this week Wednesday I.e. 30th Nov and made it all back on my first bet. Yours is Quality not Quantity with decent odds. With your research, I dont bother researching more and I am comfortable to stake high which has paid off the last 3 days. Ohh and add the facyt that these come a day earlier giving me very good price. Just cannt believe I will enjoy this till end of 2017. Thanks man.

Anthony K


Hi Scott

“Great service especially the daily emails which always arrive early enough in the day to get all your bets on. Highly recommend as communication is great and knows his football”

I will sign up again mate before dec 31st for another 12m.

Tom M



Z Tips is a football tipping service run by a friendly and knowledgeable guy called Scott.
Scott has proved to be an honest ,straightforward and excellent football tipster, he replies promptly to any questions, unlike most services charging a lot more, he is transparent in his results and not afraid to change or tweak his format to create even better results.

Although I do not do his accumulator bets(they also have a high hit rate) his main bets and singles are very successful.

I can thoroughly recommend this service.
Paul R


Hi Scott,

If you sent out a request for feedback then I’m sorry I missed it.

Don’t know whether you need mine given I’ve been tailing you for years you know I think you are no1 for my soccer needs. I don’t ever set to keep anything and never have but I use your tips for singles where I can and multis where they are shorter than I feel comfortable with. And I always win over time with your tips.

I go harder on the A League given your record and the friendlier Timezone.

Appreciate that 99% of emails I get before bed which is unreal given the time diff.

Was that what you were after?

Wayne aka Toe



Hello Scott,

I’ve put together some testimonial words for you:

ZTips daily email is a welcome addition to my in-box and something I look forward to receiving. Each time I open these emails I find a range of well thought through and reasoned selections for the day (or next day for the A League). Each selection shows the recommended price, essential to ensure value, and where that price can be obtained.
What I particular like about ZTips’ emails is the honest appraisal of previous selections – where they haven’t been successful they are not covered up like some less reputable tipsters have a habit of doing – none of that with ZTips.
ZTips approach is to find low risk/high chance selections to achieve a slow, steady build-up of the betting bank – it’s a very sensible approach and one I like. With ZTips knowledge, research and selective approach a high strike rate is achieved which is essential for the keeping that betting bank moving in the right direction. If you prefer something a little riskier, then the ‘fun bets’ offered at weekends or during high profile events will provide you with excitement and some decent returns to boot!

Happy for you to use any/all of the above in whatever way suits you but please just use my initials rather than my full name if you publish any of the content – Thanks.




Hi Scott (but could be named as Master),
I paid for your service two weeks ago and bet with very small stakes (I live in Central Europe and our salaries can’t be compared to the West – it’s not a complain only a fact) but I’m very satisfied. I enjoy your predictions and mainly in Australian soccer I can declare: you’re the best tipster I met since I bet.
At last but not least: it’s a worth for me, that 1 pound for a month is not a serious amount for getting very good predictions.
Thanks mate and best regards,
Francis aka zizzenet
ps: sorry for my English



Hi Scott

I’ve followed Ztips for a month now and In my opinion he’s the most successful out there.

Knowledge is second to none, describing why he’s picked that bet and how much to wager.

Emails go out early in the day unlike others that hang on til the last min. Answers any questions you may have, promptly.

Aussie league tips on email have been great too.

This guy charges less a year what some charge a month. What have you got to lose contribute now!

Keep up the good work Ztips and thanks.



Comment posted to site

What can I say that hasn’t already been said by everyone else. I am a new follower of Ztips. I have seen a whole load of shite from twitter tipsters in the past so I know a good deal when I see one. This IS a good deal and if you don’t go with him you’re a muppet!!



Scott is one of the best tipster you can find at Twitter who deserves the nickname “Mr.Consistent” without any doubt. He is really world-class in A-league, performing in an outstanding way year on year and his results in other leagues are very convincing as well. He is always honest and transparent. I can recommend his selections without any hesitation.

BP 25.12.16


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