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Each membership option provides instant access to the entire Smart Betting Club service.

Start your profitable betting journey today and benefit from our lowest prices yet in 2019.

PRICE UPDATE – 4th January onwards they have gone to 1 price only the 3 price bands have now gone , and can join for different lengths of time as below  :-


3 Months = £27.99 +vat – Click HERE to sign up

6 Months = £47.99 +vat – Click HERE to sign up

12 Months = £79.99+ vat – Click HERE to sign up


Brief list of what you get with your membership :- 

SBC Magazines
Tipster Profit Report
Essential Football Guide
SBC Forum Access
Bet Diary Pro
Daily Free Tips
Pro Betting Fundamentals
Back Catalogue Access
Tipster Savings Access
Money Back Guarantee
The Best Tipster Guide
How I Make Money Betting Interviews





What is the Smart Betting Club?

The Smart Betting Club is an independent and honest reviewer and assessor of tipster services, systems and strategies.

We have analysed hundreds and proofed thousands of tipster services – with the very best and most profitable tipsters listed in our Hall of Fame and featured in our Betting Magazines.

We constantly track and monitor these very best tipsters and feedback to our members on their ongoing progress with tipster league tables, ratings, charts and analysis in our ‘Tipster Profit Reports’.

Beyond just tipsters, the Smart Betting Club’s remit has expanded to cover anything and everything that matters to keen gamblers – be it by tackling issues such as account restrictions, reviewing bookmakers or simply by being a trusted source for genuinely unbiased ‘punter-friendly’ information.

Because we are funded by our members, this ensures we are fully on the side of the punter and can speak the truth about the betting industry. We are proud to be different and fiercely protective of the people we represent – you the punter.

Our goal is to help you make money betting, whether for the first time ever or to build on existing profits. So why not try out our service, take advantage of our 90-day money back guarantee and see how we can help you and your betting!


How We Can Help Your Betting!

All About YOUR Betting Profits

As the only 100% independent betting review service – we are firmly on your side and dedicated to making you money betting (and not the bookmaker!)

Expert Reports On The Best Tipsters

Quickly identify the best tipsters, track their latest results and uncover the best up-and-coming experts with our Tipster Profit Reports & SBC Magazines

12 Years Experience

You can benefit from our 12 year experience of what it takes to make money betting using tipsters.

Mega Savings & Trials

As an SBC member, you can exclusively enjoy significant savings and free trials with many top tipsters. Often saving more than the cost of joining us!

Practical Betting Help

Follow SBC’s real-life professional punters and discover the money they make betting and the tipsters they follow!

Free Tipsters To Follow

Follow several genuinely profitable and ready-to-follow tipsters via email and the SBC Forum as part of your membership.




Which membership package do you recommend?

All of them! But seriously it depends upon your requirements, although both our Gold and Platinum membership options have proven to be very popular. Our Platinum subscription also offers exclusive access to our exceptional Best Tipster Guide and the How I Make Money Betting series of interviews.

What do I get with a Platinum membership?

The full details can be found above in our comparative tables but briefly, Platinum membership grants you our full ‘Pro Punter’ package, which includes the Best Tipster Guide, How I Make Money Betting Interviews, Enhanced Tipster Savings, SBC Magazines, Tipster Profit Reports & the Bet Diary Pro. Not only this but can access our full back catalogue and the Pro Betting Fundamental Reports. PHEW! We should also mention you can also enjoy our full 90-day money back guarantee when signing up.

What do I get with a Gold membership?

You get exactly the same package as Platinum with the key exception of the Best Tipster Guide, How I Make Money Betting interviews & the Enhanced Tipster Savings deals. These are not available to Gold members.

What do I get with a Silver membership?

A Silver membership is our most basic paid-for membership offering and grants you access to each of our SBC Magazines & Tipster Profit Reports plus the members only forum. Silver members do not get access to the Best Tipster Guide, How I Make Money Betting Interviews, US Sports Tipster Reports, Bet Diary Pro, Back Catalogue or Tipster Savings. There is no money back guarantee for Silver members

How quickly can I get started with my membership?

As soon as you sign-up you will receive a welcome email including your SBC members login details, enabling you to get started instantly.

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you sign-up for a Gold or Platinum membership and for any reason don’t like the service we offer, you can request a full refund within the first 90 days of your membership. This is our guarantee to you – whatever the reason. We offer this guarantee in full confidence that once you do sign-up as a Smart Betting Club member, you will enjoy the many benefits our service can bring to you.

Do you offer a monthly subscription option?

No, we only offer year-long membership options for the Smart Betting Club. We firmly believe that given a full 12 months we can have a dramatic impact on your betting so ask you give us at least that long to prove that to you!

What Are The Free Tips Available To Subscribers?

Although we are primarily a Tipster Review service, we have recently expanded what we offer and now provide free tips to all Silver, Gold & Platinum subscribers. These are available via access to our members only betting forum where you can find a good range of tipsters who post their bets for free for you to follow. You can also follow sign-up to receive tips via email from some of the very best tipsters as an SBC member.

What does access to the SBC Forum provide?

A Silver, Gold or Platinum subscription allows access to our members only forum where you can find a number of tipsters who post up their own tips free of charge. Many of these tipsters have excellent long-term records so as you can imagine, the forum is very popular indeed.


“SBC is an essential tool for any punter aspiring to make a long term profit from the game, with their honesty and transparency a breath of fresh air into an often tricky industry”

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Stephen Harris
Betting Expert Racing Editor

“Quite simply I have made £1,000s profit that I would not have made without SBC and that is in just a few months! Joining SBC has provided the best return of my sports betting so far”

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Smart Betting Club Member

“Anyone that’s serious about making money through gambling over a concerted period of time should start with SBC, beginner or pro alike. It could be one of the best investments you make in your life.”

Me (1)

Smart Betting Club Member

“I wouldn’t dream of following a tipster service unless they were reviewed and approved by the Smart Betting Club. A real must-have to separate the tipping wheat from the chaff”

Simon Hopper (1)

Simon Hopper Editor


A MUST for all bettors !

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