Trade On Football

I have only recently joined Trade on Sports and have been hugely impressed so far with what they have to offer. As know Football trading is my main interest and so far I use there Telegram 2nd half goals bot and been HUGELY impressed and done very well backing at 1.60 in 2nd half the games it alerts me to back. More details about the Football trading part of service below :-

Football trading is one of the most popular sports to trade in-play on the betting exchanges, and if you take the right approach trading football can be profitable.

The Trade on Football Game State Application gives you the edge in the in-play markets

Our strategies are very simple. We base our trades and bets on the following criteria

• The time of the first goal
• The team that scored the first goal
• The current time and score in the game

The Game State App gives you all this information and highlights any potential value in the in-play markets.

The bookmakers in-play algorithms are in the main based on pre-match assumptions that are not adjusted once the game begins.

For example:

When pricing up a match the bookmakers may have decided that a game looks to be low scoring, and so they price up the markets to reflect this.

Should an early goal be scored then this can and on many occasions, does change the dynamics of the game dramatically. Generally the bookmakers still believe the game will be low scoring and still base their prices on their pre-match model.

This is where the Game State App highlights the potential value within seconds and the app becomes invaluable tool in beating the bookmaker.

For those taking the Gold Membership, an additional application allows the user to make a profit by highlighting potential price movement pre-match. With correct staking a decent profit can be locked in pre-match. An additional in-play module allows the user to dynamically see in-play stats as they occur to help build a picture of further goals.

This is all backed up by a lively Telegram Trading Room.

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