Trade on Tennis

Trade on Sports also have plenty to offer for those that want to Learn and trade Tennis and have a very active skype room to help eachother also , please find below more details about the tennis trading available with them :-

Want to get started in Tennis Trading but not sure how? Let us explain why tennis trading is an excellent choice of sport to begin your trading journey.

Tennis is played for 11 months of the year and matches are often spread out through the day. The number of matches depends on the time of year – but there are plenty of matches that offer opportunities every day, so even if you work you can still get involved.

You don’t need a huge bank to trade with; you could stick a couple of hundred quid in the market and potentially double that every month with patience & discipline.

There is a lot of liquidity in-play, and in high profile matches up to £10 million can be matched, so with the right skills it’s ideal for getting in and out of positions.

You can tackle a tennis market with whatever trading style you’re comfortable with as you can scalp the markets in play or take a longer position looking for the swing in odds that will lock in a profit or even just lay low under 1.20, there really is loads of option in quite a few matches every day.

So, join us at Trade on Tennis and let us guide you through the season’s tennis markets.

On joining you will receive the Trade on Tennis Trading Manual giving you the blueprint and strategies for trading the Trade on Tennis way.

You also receive the Daily Trading Sheet along with the straight bets selections which over the last 3 seasons has returned £1582 profit to £20 stake with a 10.86% Return on Investment. Or if you layed each selection to just a £20 liability you would have made £3837 over 1597 selections which equates to a 12.01% Return on Investment.

This is all backed up by a lively telegram Trading Room.

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