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I get asked loads on twitter and by email which tipsters i really rate on twitter for all sports and i decided i would do a page for the ones i really rate .

I get asked because i have a very good reputation for honesty and being trusted and I care what I recommend and am a perfectionist and have very high standards .


Football Tipsters / Analysts


JCLaLiga – Jonathan Cordingley

A former writer for William Hill and Grosvenor Casinos, JC has covered Spanish La Liga betting since 2009 and continues to offer advice via his Twitter and Periscope accounts. His thoughts are as much about offering tips as finding the best angles for punters to choose from.


I’m a man. I back things Inplay. So I called myself InplayMan. I know, it’s genius really. I’m a free tipster who just puts punts out there I like the look of and have a laugh along the way. Got plenty of helpful articles on betting, staking plans, info and guides on my website. I’ll more than likely win you some cash and I’ll probably take the piss out of you at some point too !!

TheFooTypster :-

At Thefootypster we aim to give bigger odds trebles and accumulators on football at prices typically 4/1 or higher. Daily we provide a Win Treble, Goals Treble & a Long shot. Managing to build up a large following, just shy of 50k, with straight forward to follow football bets & consider interaction with followers to be key to that.

Jaguars Tips :-

I started tipping as I felt I may be able to use my knowledge and experience to assist punters in winning money from gambling.I have an in depth understanding of the correlation between odds and probability which I use to assist me in betting.There are a lot of tipsters out there on twitter and I wanted to try to find a niche market to offer something a little different. Experts on gambling will always tell you that multiple bets and especially accas are mug bets, and in most cases they are probably correct. However, I had developed a system that is tried and tested to produce profit from multiples over a long period of time.I therefore decided to launch a free service with the aim of proving over a whole football season that you CAN win doing multiples. I don’t feel the need to charge presently as I am winning plenty of money!My initial goals were to try to achieve a 20% ROI (Return On Investment) over the season from a level stake betting plan. The reason for level stakes is that it is the truest indicator as to whether a betting system is profitable.Since August 2016 to the end of January 2017 (6 months) my ROI from all bets advised is 53.29% !!

BashTBookies :-

Bash The Bookies is a free tipping service which offers daily bets and bankroll management advice to help you try to get the edge over the bookies. After starting with a £100 betting roll in June 2016 we have been profitable in most months and have since increased our bankroll to over £1000. We use a regularly updated P&L to calculate our stakes to ensure that we manage our bank roll.

ASB Football Tips :-

I am a dedicated, sensible and free football tipster, I focus my bets around the goals markets and win markets, I put in heavy research to all my tips, back them all and show my profit and loss. I post this all on my blog. Also on the blog is general betting talk such as my staking plan etc. I am a very honest tipster and I will also always reply to my followers as my aim is to build a community, so we can win together, lose together. I am not affiliated and never will be, lets beat the bookies together.

BoringWinners :-

My tips are mainly Football but I also tip National Hunt Racing, Darts and GAA (Irish Sport). I’ve been tipping since February but only really found my system in April. Since I found a system that works for me my ROI have been over 20% after over 100 tips. What changed for me is that I started tipping at odds of greater than evens. This allowed me to have a low enough strike rate but still make profit in the long run. Something else you’ll notice is I do a lot of RABs which has proven extremely profitable. Most people use RABs for fun bets but I like to use them for serious ones. My way of looking at it is that’s it’s no coincidence that the best scoring teams in Europe are the best teams for corners aswell. So I thought I might aswell combine them. This has allowed me to turn 1.7 bets into evens ones. Everything I tip is tracked and is easily accessible on my website. I also tip on BettingKingdom.

TwoPoundPunt :-

I have run this account for going on 5 years now and believe during that time I have proven myself to be not only consitent but also fairly knowledgeable and trustworthy. The twitter account is constantly growing – currently just over 25k – and I am very proud of the many daily interactions I have with my followers. My betting style is a complete breakaway from the “norm”. I love yankees, correct scores and some of the more specialisit markets that are available. I definitely see myself as a punter rather than a tipster but am always happy to share my views and opinions. I am currently the top rated football account on TipsterReviews : and the reviews above will help to give you an overall feel for what you can expect. I don’t do “booms” / lines of emojis and or berrating teams/players/jockeys if things don’t go our way, I advocate responsible gambling without any smokescreens. If you are a new follower be sure to say hello and hopefully we can make a few quid together along the way.

OversSpecialist :-

I care nothing for players, h2h records and basic form. I created a model that simulates any game up to 2000 times based on parameters I’ve set which is initially derived from particle behaviours upon collision. This allows me to create my own probability on various markets and then analyse against odds offered to see my true edge. Implied chance via bookie odds is basically doing what the bookie wants. I couple this sometimes with historical pricing trends allowing me to focus on correct scores and overs/unders bets mainly. I charge £10 per weekend or £30 for 4 weekends.


JM Sports Analyst :-

I’m a sports analyst for a number of top bookmakers, I manage player markets for EPL,La Liga & Serie A. Player markets are a new market in football very similar to prop betting on NBA. I set all the projections for players and monitor bets adjusting if need it. I also run my own statistical model which provides probability of outcomes for over/under goal markets.


Kick Off Profits : –

Football Betting & Trading Resources – Top stats, trends and tips.

Smart Soccer Stats :-

This site is from the same people as KOP above and is a bit more advanced than KOP and is purely for Asian Handicaps Only.


Goliath Tipping :-

free, unaffiliated, P&L for all to see, simple bets and a staking plan! Features a Bet of the day between 1.5 and 2.0 odds daily as well a daily treble at 4.0+. Bet of the day has seen 200pts profit in just under 10 months.


SportsSuperior :-

We are three long term gamblers who joined forces after meeting online and started on twitter in last August (2016), six months later we have made profit each and every month. We pride ourselves not only on our excellent and proven results but also on our honesty and transparency. Stats get posted every month and each posted bet will always be declared a winner or loser on twitter. In fairness to followers, If a goal is within 30 seconds of a tweet we do not count the result towards the stats. Having trust in this game is tricky and we do our best to have that with our followers.


John Bobbel :-

I’ve wrote and tipped for the top tipsters on twitter and learnt my trade over the years. I’ve set up my own website last year which the site is a profitable free service I achieved 8 from 12 month profit last year which was a great debut season. My most profitable sport is Rugby League this is the sport I specialize in. Other profitable sports I tip on include football and horse racing. I have now narrowed my football expertise to certain league which has made for stronger selections. Will look forward to any new visitors and new followers


Tipping_Hub :-

We post a large range of pre-match football tips every day and break them down into a range of categories like our Bet Of The Day, Spreadsheet bets and Accumulators to name just some, which can all be found at . We also have a dedicated members twitter page as well as a large range of guest tipsters on the site. We offer a wide range of memberships on the site. Feel free to email for any more info.


TheTippingTimes :-

Mark owns and has 2 twitter accounts (the original one) and solely for inplay bets specialising in high odds goal markets. Picks are posted for pre game matches on the blog most days and the Inplays are sent out via Twitter.


Corners by Chris :-

A little about me, i started betting corners a few years back and complied my own little list of teams that were getting a high amount per game . after a lot of research my list of teams started to grow and as corners became a more popular bet and the bookies kept adding more markets. The more that became available the more I started studying the patterns teams get. This page is FREE and  I have recently started a P&L in December due to the demand of my followers. So my December P&L was +39.50 profit.  I tend to post inplays on bet365 using the corner race market but only if the odds are above 1.80. I do have a private page called for members and when first opened all money received went to a family i know going thru a tough time at Christmas. Its for members who wanted that little bit more than the normal inplay bets. It’s not a tipping page its for access to my research sheet that is updated and available each week. it has all the corner markets that are on offer pre match and inplay it really is down to the bettor how they use the sheet, it’s designed for inplay use ideally. I keep a record of wins / losses on the sheet more wins than losses for sure over the last few months and also comes with a guide to how it works and what I look for to help and assist people who want to bet the corner markets on there own . Also those that sent me enough for a beer for winning them money via PayPal I have given access to the sheet. And any from reading this that would like access contact me directly on twitter. I never wanted to charge and don’t intend to do so, but i put masses of work in and work fulltime so any that want to send me money for a beer has access. Remember, there is always corners it’s about predicting when, how many and by who. Thanks chris


Panther_Tips :-

I am a professional sports tipster and have been for the past 4 years. I run for my members running a daily email service providing bank roll management and advised stakes on my daily tips. My sports are football, tennis, horse racing and darts. I am also the creator of , an innovative creation by myself to provide a weekend of winners to punters free of charge.


Tennis Tipsters


Tennis Pilot :-

Tennis Pilot aims to deliver well researched, easy to follow pre match tips via email. Each bet comes with a brief preview available via the members area of our site. We maintain a public record for all tips also available via our website. We finished 2016 with a 31% profit and some notable winners including Khachanov outright for Chengdu at 67, Wawrinka outright for the US Open at 34 and a 4 fold accumulator win at 48. The cost of service is £9.99 per month with the first month free and a moneyback guarantee if we are not in profit.




American Sports Tipsters


Bookie Insider US :- 

We specialise in NFL, recording four straight profitable seasons, with members earning an average of £850 per season. In 2016 we branched out and offered picks on all Major US Sports (NBA/NHL/MLB & NCAA) finishing with £1900 profit (£50 flat stakes). We don’t tip short priced favourites or longshots; our average odds are in the 1.83-2.00 range. Bankroll management & discipline are crucial, allowing members to grow their bankroll and cope with both winning & losing streaks. We offer between 10-15 tips per week, but we only tip when we find value in the market.


Rugby League Tipster :-

I tip both Rugby League (February – October) and NFL (September – February) as well of special events such as the 6 Nations. I use a wide range of markets, sometimes using some unconventional ones that most people won’t think of on top of the usual handicaps and scorers. I offer all my tips for £8/month on and have a recorded ROI of 27% (as of 19/1/17)




Ice Hockey Tipsters


SportsTipsterUS :-

I’ve been betting on Ice Hockey for around 8 years now and staking on a serious level for 3 years. I began my Twitter Journey at the start of the 2015-2016 NHL season (Sept 15) and shared all my selections for free throughout the full season. My followers quickly grew and just over 12 months later I have close to 1,800 followers! ​ After sharing my time and betting selections for the full 15-16 season, I decided to create a ‘private list’ in which followers can pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee in return for my betting selections. The private list is a private Twitter group, accessible to paying subscribers. All my results are recorded through a verified bet tracking website (, which offers honesty and transparency to my followers as I know a lot of ‘tipsters’ on social media have a tenancy to lie or exaggerate about their results. Using means all my selections are locked so they can’t be edited or deleted, which gives my followers / subscribers the comfort and piece of mind they deserve. My service is very unique to other ‘tipsters’ as I’m staking on a sport that not many do, therefore I feel my extensive knowledge of the sport is very valuable and my results go a long way to backing that up. On the private list I post well researched and well informed singles, followed with a staking plan. For more info, go to


Horses Tipsters


Gaz Fish racing Tips :-

I am a horse tipser that I studies form, times, speeds, partnerships with jockey/trainer/owner etc. Its £7 per month or £20 for 3 months. No contracts and no automatic payments/renewals. I send the tips out on an app called SLACK. On the app there is also a chat group, hot picks page, footie page and the daily NAP competition. Proper fun and friendly members. Lots of tips get shared in the chat page. So its valuable just to be in there. Ended December at 160pt profit. November was 500pt profit and October was 201pt profit. January 270pt profit. 1240pt profit in 4 months. Cant beat that for this price If you fancy joining, payment is via paypal to


Sprint Specialiser :-

Horse race tipster specializing in 5-6 furlong sprints. Normal yearly return on investment around the 30% mark. 1 or 2 bets per day maybe more on weekends. All tips are backed by myself as you can see on Twitter. Toptipsters champ 2016. Can have little dips here n there as don’t back at short odds therefore losing runs inevitable.


Daily Sportsbets :- 

Dave has been involved in the racing industry for over 25 years, as a tipster and PR Manager for a major betting firm. He became Horse Racing Editor for the when it launched online in 2011. Rather than tip short-priced favorites, Dave concentrates on unearthing value and his main focus is handicaps. His selections are free and tweeted once going live online early in the morning. He has tipped up winners as big as 66/1 and his selections are often heavily supported, providing trading options. He is also set to provide previews, analysis and tips for a new site due to be launched shortly called . They provide tips 7 days a week.


Darts Tipsters





Golf Tipsters


S.J.P Golf Tips :- 

Unlike most other sports, Golf is very different in a lot of ways. The most significant of these being time! A horse race or a football match for example take from 2 to 90 minutes and then the results are in; Golf on the other hand takes 4 full days, from a Thursday morning to a Sunday afternoon (time zone dependent). If you decide to commit to this service then you have to be prepared to wait it out. Secondly, are the chances of winning outright, without sounding patronizing or condescending, you will not receive as many tick icons next to your bets following me, as you would do betting on horses or football, but you will make more money over the course of a year. Why… The average golf tournament consists of around 156 competitors; and bookies offer place money for the top 5 only (unless it’s a special occasion like a Major or World Golf Championship, which is infrequent), so this is just 3.2% of the field!! You don’t need me to tell you that this is incredibly difficult!! The plus side of this, in my opinion the odds available reflect these difficult chances, and through a lot of hard work at my end, trawling through statistics, history, form and many other factors available to me, I am able to offer informed selections across the week’s events, in the form of singles, cross tournament multiples and a variety of other markets available, with long term profit the overall aim.


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