Please find below the previous seasons results with the most recent at the top :

Results for 2019/20 Season – UPDATED 1ST OF EVERY MONTH

I have done a full analyse of last seasons results and made changes accordingly with reduced markets, leagues etc and this should make a very BIG difference to profits . Thankfully 10th November onwards the adjustments started to really make a difference as will see , as at 6th January we are on a run of 16 from 17 and just 2 losers in 23 

Results to 6th January 2020

Results for the 2018/19 Season

On August 1st I increased my points stakes and it back fired miserably and we were 13pts down by the end of September. The service did pick up from there and we hit 8 months of no losses in a row. 

The introduction of team cards made a great difference. I cannot deny results were not good enough ROI was just under 2% as below and this season cannot fail to improve drastically on this.

Ztips results 2018-19 Season


Results 21st April 2017 to 31st July 2018

I didnt use to show by season until last season so the below was a a bit of the previous season also. ROI just under 8%. 

Results-to-31st July 2018


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